Can You Work Part-Time As A Medical Assistant?

Can You Work Part-Time As A Medical Assistant?

When you’re considering a new career, it never hurts to have flexibility. Medical Assistant hybrid classes offer flexibility and the possibility of working part-time and in being able to train through partially online programs. In this article, we’ll explore why becoming a medical assistant can be an attractive prospect for people looking to enter a new career field while juggling existing responsibilities.  

Who is a Medical Assistant? 

A medical assistant is a helping hand for doctors and a communicator and facilitator for patients. They perform a mix of duties, making sure day-to-day operations in doctor’s offices, clinics, and other medical facilities run smoothly.  

A medical assistant helps with clinical tasks and also takes care of administrative work. They might check your vitals or update your medical history. If you’re waiting to see the doctor, a medical assistant is often the one who will first greet you. They are the bridge between you and your healthcare provider, ensuring your visit is as smooth as possible. 

Being a medical assistant is about supporting the healthcare process, making sure patients feel listened to, and keeping the wheels turning in busy medical settings. 

Training to Become a Medical Assistant 

Becoming a medical assistant doesn’t have to take you too long. With programs lasting as little as 9 months, you can be ready to join the healthcare field faster than many other professions.  

However, for some people, being able to complete medical assistant training as quickly as possible doesn’t matter as much as the ability to fit training for a new career around other responsibilities, such as a current job or family obligations. PCI Health Training Center offers a hybrid medical assistant training program which can be completed with minimal in person requirements. This program can still be finished in as little as 9 months.   

After you finish your training, you may want to consider pursuing a professional certification. You could go for a CMA certification or become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA). Certifications like these can help you stand out when applying for medical assistant jobs. 

The Medical Assistant Job Market 

The medical assisting field is growing. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 114,600 openings for medical assistants each year, showing how in-demand these roles are. This growth signals stability and opportunity for those entering the healthcare sector. 

Become a Medical Assistant With PCI 

Looking to shape a career as a medical assistant with a fit to your schedule? PCI Health Training Center can help. Our hybrid program offers the best of both worlds. Complete assignments when it suits you, then get practical, hands-on training at our campus. It’s the balance you need to fit training into your busy life. 

Our flexible program mirrors the job itself. In as little as 9 months, we can help to have you ready for a job that improves your circumstances while also making a positive difference for others. Take the step today. Enroll in our medical assistant program at PCI!