Medical Assistant as a Career Choice

Medical Assistant as a Career Choice

Medical Assistant as a Career Choice

Deciding on a career is like choosing the path you’ll walk for much of your life, so it’s important to pick one that feels right. Perhaps you’ve thought about working in the healthcare field, but you’re not sure that you have what it takes, or you think the barriers to entry are too high. If so, you might want to consider working as a Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistant jobs are an excellent option for anyone who wants to enter into the healthcare field without years of expensive training. In this article, we’ll explain what Medical Assistants do, where they do it, and what kind of career path Medical Assistant jobs can lead to.

Let’s dive in!

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

A Medical Assistant is a vital part of a healthcare team, helping doctors and nurses. As a Medical Assistant, your role is to keep everything running smoothly. Here’s what that looks like:

  • First, Medical Assistants welcome patients and get them checked in.
  • They also then measure patients’ key vitals like blood pressure and temperature.
  • One of the key roles of a Medical Assistant is helping doctors with exams. They arrange the exam room and assist during the examination as needed.
  • After exams, they update patients’ records with relevant information.
  • If there are more appointments or tests, the Medical Assistant sets these up.
  • They might also do simple testing in the lab.
  • Explaining procedures to patients is another important duty—they use easy-to-understand language to ensure patients know what to expect.

What Jobs Can Medical Assistants Apply For?

Medical Assistants have skills that fit many jobs. They can work in many places like:

  • Doctors’ offices: Here, Medical Assistants work closely with doctors, helping them examine and treat patients.
  • Hospitals: In a hospital, a Medical Assistant might do tasks ranging from patient care to record keeping. They might work in areas like the emergency room or outpatient services.
  • Clinics: In these smaller healthcare settings, Medical Assistants often support a small team of healthcare providers, completing daily tasks to ensure patients receive the best care.
  • Specialist Offices: Medical Assistants can also work with a specialist, such as a dermatologist or cardiologist. In these roles, they start developing specialized knowledge about specific areas of health.

Beyond these roles, Medical Assistants also have room for career advancement. For instance, they could become a medical office manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of a clinic or a medical department. Alternatively, they might decide to return to school to become nurses or healthcare professionals specializing in areas such as radiology or physical therapy.

In essence, being a Medical Assistant can open many doors in the healthcare field.

Should I Become a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistants can work in many exciting places, like doctors’ offices and hospitals. And the future looks good for them! More and more of these jobs are needed in healthcare.

Do you love helping others? Then being a Medical Assistant could be just right for you. At PCI Health Training Center, we have a Medical Assistant Program that helps prepare you for this fulfilling career.

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