The Importance of a Healthcare Office Assistant

The Importance of a Healthcare Office Assistant

The Importance of a Healthcare Office Assistant

Medical Office Assistant’s are the professionals who handle administrative functions in a medical center. This entry-level healthcare profession provides the opportunity for office assistants to communicate with clients in addition to medical personnel.

Though their duties differ depending on their task setting, they are usually accountable for meeting obligations of a medical office such as welcoming patients, answering phones and coordinating correspondence. A medical office assistant is the face of a medical practice therefore it is also important that the person in this position is friendly and accommodating to others.

A medical office assistant focuses heavily on administrative tasks as opposed to a medical assistant who focuses on things such as vital signs, physical exams and lab tests. Though they don’t provide care, their skills and dedication perform services that make patients feel comfortable and allow doctors and nurses to focus on their jobs.

PCI Health Training Center’s Medical Office Assistant Program can help you learn the front office and administrative skills you need to get started in this field in as little as six months.

Now that we understand what a medical office assistant does, let’s discuss why their role is vital in medical practice.

Why MOAs are important

Anytime a patient comes in for an office visit, they are required to present their insurance information, identification card and pay any copays due. A patient may also have to fill out paperwork if they are new to the practice.

Documents, insurance benefits and patient information are all sensitive pieces of material for anyone to access. Because of that, MOAs are important as they know the systems and software to use to keep data private.

As an MOA student of PCI’s program, you will have access to a supportive environment to help you along the way.

Why An MOA Should Be Professionally Trained

Earning your diploma as a Medical Office Assistant will prepare you for real work situations because of the simulated training you will receive in the classroom. From EHR procedures to learning basic medical terminology, you will be prepared to begin in this field in as little as six months.

The medical terminology used in a doctor’s office can only be obtained by attending an accredited college or institution. PCI’s Health Training Center holds accreditation from Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

PCI is committed to your education and your success.

Where To Attend

At PCI Health Training Center, you’re more than just a student – you’re part of our family. From the moment you enroll until long after you leave, you will have a network of faculty to support you.

Under the guidance of instructors with experience in the field, you will get the skills you need to begin an entry-level career as a Medical Office Assistant.

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