Earn your GED

Earn your GED and train to be a Dental Assistant

Some people didn’t finish high school but are passionate about immersing themselves in dentistry. There is some good news: they don’t have to put their future on hold anymore! At PCI, learners find the Eligible Career Pathways Program might suit their needs. As one of the schools that offer GED and diploma at the same time, PCI, through this program, provides the necessary training and tools to help adult learners earn their High School Diploma Equivalency and take classes in the institution’s Dental Assistant Program simultaneously.

The Dental Assistant Program is one of PCI’s healthcare training programs. It equips adult learners with the skills they need to become Dental Assistants, Office Managers and Dental Receptionists. The Eligible Career Pathways Program at the health training center ensures the resources adult learners need to earn their GED while taking classes in a healthcare training program like dental assisting are at their disposal.

How Adult Learners Benefit from Earning Their Diploma Simultaneously While Earning Their GED

Many people get tempted to think that it’s too late to get an education because they are already adults. But it’s never too late! Enrolling in combined GED and degree programs can help them get to wherever they wish.

A GED is important to any adult learner’s future career and earning potential. Earning a Dental Assistant Diploma simultaneously while earning a GED comes with multiple benefits, including the following:

  1. Career

Most employers today look for job candidates with a high school diploma or GED. Combining GED with a diploma will be more advantageous. It will open more doors to many more career opportunities.

  1. Being Proud of Themselves

Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of courage, dedication, and hard work for an adult to register for GED and diploma programs simultaneously. This experience helps self-confidence to grow significantly.

  1. Setting a Good Example

Nothing beats the feeling of being a role model. Earning a high school diploma equivalency while training for a career makes one’s children, colleagues or family members, look to them as their role model.

Regardless of the struggles they faced, they transformed their dream into reality.

PCI Helps Adult Learners Earn their GED. This is How!

PCI helps adult learners know whether they meet the program’s qualification requirements throughout the information gathering process. After candidates submit an application and take a placement test, PCI’s school advisors work with them on study plans that fit their levels and requirements.

As one of the leading institutions that offer GED and degree at the same time, PCI then gives the learners a chance to start taking classes in GED and degree programs and work toward earning their GED. Learners receive support and check-ins with the center’s staff. PCI also allows adult learners access to online support for the General Educational Development component.

**PCI firmly upholds its policy of nondiscrimination. Inquiries regarding policy may be directed to TitleIXCoordinator@pcihealth.com.

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