Why A Career as A Dental Assistant

Why A Career as A Dental Assistant

Ever wanted to get a dental assistant certification? Maybe you just finished high school and are at a bit of a loss as to what to do next, or you’ve just graduated from college and want to change careers. In many cases, your current career may be starting to feel stale. Whatever the reason, it is time to make a change and take a career as a dental assistant.

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Dental assistants are able to perform the following tasks: they take x-rays, clean teeth, help with sterilization, help patients feel at ease and, most importantly, make sure that every patient they see is comfortable. Their duties are varied, but all are important to ensure that the dentist’s work is done well.

What Can You Look Forward To?

One reason someone should pursue dental assisting at PCI is that they will learn the skills they need to begin an entry-level position in this field. With hands-on experience from day one, dental assistants enrolled in this program will build a knowledge base of understanding for their future role.

The best part about becoming a dental assistant is that you will work in the healthcare field. Instead of dealing with insurance and paperwork, you’ll be seeing smiling faces every day!

Such face-to-face interactions are invaluable in getting each patient comfortable with the entire process and helping them feel informed about their needs and desires. The only way to get acclimated to these long one-on-one conversations with patients is to experience them first-hand.

Another great benefit of a career as a dental assistant is that most Dental Offices have a set and stable schedule. You will be able to go to work at the same time and leave at the same time most days.

Being a dental assistant means you will be around dentists all day long, allowing you to learn and experience procedures from the best in the business. You can advance your career easily from here.

Lastly, your training period will not be long. While other healthcare professions can take up to 7 years to train for, you can complete your dental assistant training in as little as nine months.

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