Mar 03 2023
Cheerful patient sitting in dental chair in clinic

Earn your GED and train to be a Dental Assistant

Some people didn’t finish high school but are passionate about immersing themselves in dentistry. There is some good news: they don’t have to put their future on hold anymore! At PCI, learners find the Eligible Career Pathways Program might suit their needs. As one of the schools that offer GED and diploma at the same […]

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Feb 27 2023

Earning Your Medical Assistant Diploma in a Hybrid Format

Earning Your Medical Assistant Diploma in a Hybrid Format PCI’s hybrid medical assistant program is designed for individuals who wish to take their career to the next level while maintaining their work and personal lives. As a student enrolled in the medical assistant program, you will learn the skills needed to start in this industry […]

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Feb 24 2023
Frontline Office Medical Worker

The Important of Healthcare Office Assistant

The Important of Healthcare Office Assistant School Medical Office Assistant’s are the professionals who handle administrative functions in a medical center. This satisfying entry-level healthcare profession provides the opportunity for office assistants to communicate with clients in addition to medical personnel. Though their duties differ depending upon their task setting, they are usually accountable for […]

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Feb 21 2023

Why A Career as A Dental Assistant

Ever wanted to get a dental assistant certification? Maybe you just finished high school and are at a bit of a loss as to what to do next, or you’ve just graduated from college and want to change careers. In many cases, your current career may be starting to feel stale. Whatever the reason, it […]

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Jul 11 2022
A Dentist and Dental Assistant working on a kids teeth

Ten Common Dental Problems

Ten Common Dental Problems and Their Solutions Dental patients don’t often come into appointments with smiles. But they’ll walk out with one. Oral health issues don’t just cause bad breath. They can cause severe pain or be a sign of a larger medical problem. Want a career as a dental assistant? Here are some common […]

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