Medical Assistant

Oct 24 2023
Students learning medical assisting with patient

Succeed as a Medical Assistant

How Can I Succeed as a Medical Assistant? As a medical assistant, your days are filled with a diverse mix of essential tasks, compassionate interactions, and quick decision-making in a rapidly evolving healthcare industry. Your role is important in clinical and administrative aspects, making a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. Therefore, with the growing demand for medical assistant jobs, your success in this field depends on going beyond basic requirements and truly excelling at your craft. So how will you go about it? Let’s show you how. How to Stand Out as a Medical Assistant In […]

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Aug 22 2023
Medical Assistant taking Vitals on a Patient

Are Evening Classes Hard to Manage?

Time is a precious commodity—and working adults often struggle to find the perfect balance between their careers, personal lives, and the pursuit of further education. Evening classes have become a popular option for those who wish to expand their horizons without compromising their daytime commitments. However, the question remains: how manageable are these classes, and can they truly unlock the potential for personal and professional growth? This article explores the benefits of evening classes for working adults, potential challenges and provides tips to overcome them. What Are the Benefits of Evening Classes for Working Adults? Evening classes offer a flexible […]

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Jun 09 2023
Medical Assistant showing xrays to students

Benefits of Taking An Evening Class

Are you a busy adult looking to pursue a career in the medical field? If so, PCI Health Training Centers’ medical assistant hybrid program might be the perfect fit for you. This comprehensive program offers evening classes, providing flexibility and numerous benefits to students. Let’s explore the advantages of attending evening classes and how they […]

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Apr 19 2023

Which Is Better, Day or Night Classes?

Welcome to the PCI Health Training Center! At PCI, we believe in empowering our students with the skills they need to help them succeed in the medical field. Our medical assistant program is designed to give you a foundation of clinical and administrative skills that will help you prepare for a career as a medical assistant. […]

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Mar 15 2022
medical assistant and doctor

7 Reasons To Get A Medical Assisting Diploma

7 Reasons to Get a Medical Assisting Diploma Interested in earning a medical assisting diploma? There are many different reasons to get your medical assisting diploma and become a medical assistant. Medical assisting is becoming increasingly popular with students entering the medical career field each year and is highly rewarding. Medical Assistant is a great […]

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