Medical Assistant

Mar 15 2022
medical assistant and doctor

7 Reasons To Get A Medical Assisting Diploma

7 Reasons to Get a Medical Assisting Diploma Interested in earning a medical assisting diploma? There are many different reasons to get your medical assisting diploma and become a medical assistant. Medical assisting is becoming increasingly popular with students entering the medical career field each year and is highly rewarding. Medical Assistant is a great […]

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Mar 10 2022
6 medical students in blue scrubs examining the doctor's charts

What Is An EKG

What is an EKG: A Medical Assisting Guide What is the reason that made you interested in becoming a medical assistant? Do you enjoy learning about technology such as electrocardiograms (EKG)? The EKG is one the most common tests performed to identify heart conditions. Testing for heart and blood vessel disorders with an EKG is […]

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Mar 03 2022
Cheerful stomatologist talking with patient sitting in dental chair

Medical Assistant Skills That Boost Resumes

Medical Assistant skills go beyond the classroom. Medical Assistants combine soft and hard skills to make medical facilities inviting. Healthcare facilities need Medical Assistants with administrative and clinical qualifications. A variety of knowledge gets a medical assistant’s resume noticed. Medical Assistant Clinical Skills Students in PCI’s Medical Assistant program practice the medical skills sought out […]

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Mar 01 2022
medical assistant and doctor

Medical Assisting Administrative Tasks

Medical Assisting: Day-to-Day Administrative Tasks and Knowledge Interested in what administrative tasks and knowledge a medical assistant needs to be successful? The medical assistant manages multiple tasks and needs extensive administrative knowledge to perform their job responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Medical Assistant Administrative Tasks The medical assistant does many different administrative tasks in the […]

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Feb 28 2022
Group of Healthcare Professionals Having a Discussion

Why Medical Assisting Is a Good Career

Workplaces are evolving. Jobs of the past are fading away, replaced with advanced technology. Students are choosing careers in dynamic industries where what they learn today will be relevant tomorrow. Demand for medical assistants is projected to rise nearly 19-percent in the coming decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it both a rewarding […]

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