Medical Assisting Guide

Jan 24 2024
Female Medical Assistant helping a female Patient

10 Soft Skills For Medical Assistants

Medical Assistant Soft Skills   In healthcare, the role of a medical assistant includes clinical skills and the art of human interaction. At PCI Health Training Center, we recognize the importance of soft skills in shaping compassionate and competent medical assistants. Here is a look at the ten soft skills every medical assistant should possess. 1. Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence goes beyond recognizing outward expressions of feelings; it involves empathizing with the underlying emotions, allowing healthcare professionals to provide more compassionate and personalized care. 2. Great Patient Communication Effective patient communication extends beyond verbal exchanges; it encompasses active listening, non-verbal […]

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Mar 10 2022
6 medical students in blue scrubs examining the doctor's charts

What Is An EKG

What is an EKG: A Medical Assisting Guide What is the reason that made you interested in becoming a medical assistant? Do you enjoy learning about technology such as electrocardiograms (EKG)? The EKG is one the most common tests performed to identify heart conditions. Testing for heart and blood vessel disorders with an EKG is […]

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Mar 03 2022
Cheerful stomatologist talking with patient sitting in dental chair

Medical Assistant Skills That Boost Resumes

Medical Assistant skills go beyond the classroom. Medical Assistants combine soft and hard skills to make medical facilities inviting. Healthcare facilities need Medical Assistants with administrative and clinical qualifications. A variety of knowledge gets a medical assistant’s resume noticed. Medical Assistant Clinical Skills Students in PCI’s Medical Assistant program practice the medical skills sought out […]

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Sep 27 2021
Young female medical assistant smiling in her uniform

What is Blood Made Of

Did you know that the average adult body contains up to 6 liters of blood and accounts for approximately 8% of the body’s total weight? Blood is essential to the human body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to tissues, taking away carbon dioxide and waste. Blood also is the transport mechanism for hormones and helps […]

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Sep 27 2021
a medical assistant helping an elderly patient

Geriatric Patients

The population of people over 65 in the United States is going to continue to grow in the next few decades. That poses a challenge for the healthcare system, but it also creates unique career opportunities for medical assistants. Geriatrics, the care of older adults, is among the fastest up and coming specialties. For anyone […]

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