Apr 03 2024
Smiling lady visiting dentist in modern clinic

Dental Assistant – A Career On The Rise?

A Dental Assistant is a key player in a dental office. With the help of a Dental Assistant program like the one from PCI Health Training Center, more and more people are finding themselves in entry level positions in this field. This article explains the responsibilities that come with being a Dental Assistant, and the prospects that come with getting an education in this field.

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Apr 01 2024

Medical Assistant Qualifications

In an ever-shifting job environment, one constant is the healthcare industry. People are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of preventive medicine and as the overall age and life expectancy of Americans increases, The demand for qualified healthcare workers and especially medical assistants is likely to increase. We explain the qualifications and responsibilities associated with this career field.

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Mar 06 2024

How To Become A Dental Assistant

A Dental Assistant is a key member of the dental team. As a Dental Assistant, you have lots of important responsibilities. You’re not just helping the dentist; you’re a key part of the team that makes each patient’s visit smooth and comfortable. With a training program like the one offered by PCI, you’re giving yourself the possible chance for a career in this field.

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Mar 04 2024
Young medical assistant talking by telephone while working in office

What Is The Role Of A Medical Office Assistant

The smooth operation of any medical office depends on the skills and knowledge of Medical Office Assistants (MOAs). Handling multiple tasks that range from scheduling appointments, maintaining electronic health records (EHRs), and taking patient vital signs, the Medical Office Assistant is a valuable member of any healthcare environment. 

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Feb 29 2024
medical assistant and doctor

Medical Assistant as a Career Choice

Medical Assistant jobs are an excellent option for anyone who wants to enter into the healthcare field without years of expensive training. Medical Assistants can work in many exciting places, like doctors’ offices and hospitals. At PCI Health Training Center, we have a Medical Assistant Program that helps prepare you for this fulfilling career.

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