Become A Medical Assistant

Jan 03 2024
A Female latina medical assistant on a laptop

Affordable Career Training

Become a Medical Office Assistant Are you considering a career change or seeking a role in the healthcare industry? Becoming a medical office assistant could be the path for you. At PCI, we understand the challenges of starting a new career, which is why our medical office assistant program is designed to be comprehensive. With 2023 coming to an end, it could be a great opportunity for you. Here, we will explore how our medical office assistant program provides you with a supportive environment and the necessary skills to help you enter into this healthcare role. Building a Strong Foundation […]

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Aug 22 2023
Medical Assistant taking Vitals on a Patient

Are Evening Classes Hard to Manage?

Time is a precious commodity—and working adults often struggle to find the perfect balance between their careers, personal lives, and the pursuit of further education. Evening classes have become a popular option for those who wish to expand their horizons without compromising their daytime commitments. However, the question remains: how manageable are these classes, and can they truly unlock the potential for personal and professional growth? This article explores the benefits of evening classes for working adults, potential challenges and provides tips to overcome them. What Are the Benefits of Evening Classes for Working Adults? Evening classes offer a flexible […]

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Jun 09 2023
Medical Assistant showing xrays to students

Benefits of Taking An Evening Class

Are you a busy adult looking to pursue a career in the medical field? If so, PCI Health Training Centers’ medical assistant hybrid program might be the perfect fit for you. This comprehensive program offers evening classes, providing flexibility and numerous benefits to students. Let’s explore the advantages of attending evening classes and how they […]

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Feb 23 2022
Young medical assistant talking by telephone while working in office

How Long To Become A Certified Medical Assistant

Want a job that is gratifying and challenging? Did you know that it takes as little as nine months to become a medical assistant? You can get educated and certified in under a year and start earning as an entry-level medical assistant. So, are you asking yourself, “What does a medical assistant do?” What Does […]

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Sep 27 2021
Young Scientist Working in The Laboratory

Who Becomes a Medical Assistant

Healthcare is an attractive field. Jobs are plentiful, flexible, and there’s room for professional growth. But providing hands-on care isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Medical assisting is an ideal career for people who like working with patients but prefer a blend of clinical and administrative responsibilities. You’ll enjoy being a medical assistant if: You’re Interested […]

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