Dental Assisting Career

Mar 03 2022
female dentists treating patients teeth

Job Ideas For Dental Assistants

5 Job Ideas for Dental Assistants Beyond the Dental Office Did you know that dental assistants play a critical role in a dental office? Part of the job of a dental assistant is regularly aiding the dentist, ensuring that patient care is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Dental assistants often work in traditional […]

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Sep 28 2021
Female Dental Assistant Smiling with a dental tool in a Dental Office

What Does a Dental Assistant Do

The field of dentistry has blown wide open in the past decades. Not only has the arena of cosmetic dentistry added new patients to the patient rosters, the medical field now recognizes that a dental health is an integral part of holistic health and government assisted insurance programs are helping to make it more affordable […]

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