Become A Medical Office Assistant

Mar 04 2024
Young medical assistant talking by telephone while working in office

What Is The Role Of A Medical Office Assistant

The smooth operation of any medical office depends on the skills and knowledge of Medical Office Assistants (MOAs). Handling multiple tasks that range from scheduling appointments, maintaining electronic health records (EHRs), and taking patient vital signs, the Medical Office Assistant is a valuable member of any healthcare environment. 

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May 30 2023
3 Medical Assistants Talking at a table

Is a Medical Office Assistant The Same as a Receptionist?

People seeking an entry-level job in the field of healthcare administration may look at the job of a medical receptionist and that of a medical office assistant and wonder what the difference is. Both roles share many similar tasks, and some medical offices may use the two terms interchangeably, but there are a few key differences […]

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Jul 06 2022
3 Medical Assistants Talking at a table

Where Do Medical Office Assistants Work?

Career Opportunities for Medical Office Assistants Where can MOAs work? Let’s explore your options. MOA’s Work in Clinics Clinics are small healthcare facilities that handle routine appointments. Common appointments are yearly checkups, non-emergency symptoms, and minor injuries. Clinics usually staff a couple of MOAs. They seek well-rounded medical front office personnel capable of handling the […]

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Mar 16 2022
Pondering female secretary picking folder in workplace

Why You Should Enroll in a Medical Office Assistant Program

All medical professionals are essential. Medical office assistants are steadfast organizers that keep healthcare facilities running. Here’s why you should consider completing a Medical Office Assistant program: PCI’s Medical Office Assistant Program Saves Time Did you know that you earn the skills needed to start your career in as little as six months? PCI’s Medical […]

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Sep 27 2021
4 smiling female Medical Office Assistant students in a medical office

Medical Office Assistants in Demand

Medical professionals are today’s new heroes, they answer the call when their communities are in need. But for every doctor and nurse on the front lines during this public health crisis, there are support specialists who manage the administrative intricacies of healthcare, giving licensed providers more time to spend with patients. Who are these behind […]

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