Medical Assistant – Distance Education / Hybrid

Jun 11 2024
Male Medical Assistant injecting fluids into an IV for a female patient

Healthcare Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

Many people looking for a better career dismiss the idea of pursuing opportunities in healthcare because they think that it would require spending years of time and large amounts of money on getting a degree. In fact, however, there is demand for jobs in the healthcare field, such as medical assistant, that don’t require a college degree. Let’s explore.  

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Apr 01 2024

Medical Assistant Qualifications

In an ever-shifting job environment, one constant is the healthcare industry. People are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of preventive medicine and as the overall age and life expectancy of Americans increases, The demand for qualified healthcare workers and especially medical assistants is likely to increase. We explain the qualifications and responsibilities associated with this career field.

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Feb 28 2024
A Female latina medical assistant on a laptop

Can I Get a Medical Degree Completely Online

Medicine is a field which requires both theoretical and practical hands-on training. The digital era has brought many benefits to medical education, removing traditional barriers and offering new possibilities. The healthcare field is becoming accessible to more and more people with the option to complete parts of the necessary training remotely.

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Feb 27 2023

Earning Your Medical Assistant Diploma

Earning Your Medical Assistant Diploma in a Hybrid Format PCI’s hybrid medical assistant program is designed for individuals who wish to take their career to the next level while maintaining their work and personal lives. As a student enrolled in the medical assistant program, you will learn the skills needed to start in this industry […]

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