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Apr 26 2021
5 students learning at a vocational college with a tutor

Benefits of A Vocational College

Interested in attending a program at a vocational college? There are many benefits to attending a vocational college. Whether you get a quick start or have career services when you graduate, there are many reasons to attend a vocational college. However, before you make the decision of which vocational college to attend, it’s essential to […]

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Apr 26 2021
a group of graduates wearing gowns and hats

Congratulations, High School Graduating Class of 2021

So, we have made it through a tough year of shutdowns and zoom classes, but as the graduating class of 2021, you persevered. You met the challenge head on and overcame. Graduates, your passion and commitment will help you flourish in your newest endeavors to come. Are you ready to start a new chapter in […]

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Oct 06 2020
A medical professor teaching two medical students in a classroom

What is a Vocational College?

Are you learning more about your college options? Interested in knowing more about what a vocational college is? Vocational colleges, sometimes called technical colleges, trade colleges or career colleges are defined as a place where students learn how to do a specific vocation by learning special skills. At PCI Health Training Center, these special skills […]

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May 05 2020
Two dental assistants working on patients teeth

Helping Patients Through Dental Treatments

Research shows that preventive dentistry is a critical component in overall health, but dental phobia is real, and unless patients feel comfortable when they visit their dentist, they are unlikely to return. Dental assistants manage a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks in a dental office, but none is as essential as making patients […]

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