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Jul 11 2022
A Dentist and Dental Assistant working on a kids teeth

Ten Common Dental Problems

Ten Common Dental Problems and Their Solutions Dental patients don’t often come into appointments with smiles. But they’ll walk out with one. Oral health issues don’t just cause bad breath. They can cause severe pain or be a sign of a larger medical problem. Want a career as a dental assistant? Here are some common […]

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Jul 06 2022
3 Medical Assistants Talking at a table

Where Do Medical Office Assistants Work?

Career Opportunities for Medical Office Assistants Where can MOAs work? Let’s explore your options. MOA’s Work in Clinics Clinics are small healthcare facilities that handle routine appointments. Common appointments are yearly checkups, non-emergency symptoms, and minor injuries. Clinics usually staff a couple of MOAs. They seek well-rounded medical front office personnel capable of handling the […]

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Apr 25 2022
Cheerful patient sitting in dental chair in clinic

What Administrative Skills Will I Learn in Medical Office Assistant Training?

Start medical office assistant training today and join tomorrow’s healthcare workforce. Medical office assistants (MOAs) are healthcare staff whose organizational skills keep physicians’ offices afloat. By becoming a medical office assistant, you’ll join a fast-growing and dynamic workforce. PCI Health has been preparing students to thrive in the medical industry since 1978. Administrative Skills Learned […]

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Apr 12 2022
Woman in Yellow Shirt Writing on White Paper

What You’ll Learn in PCI’s Eligible Career Pathways Program

Have you put your future on hold because you didn’t finish high school? PCI Health Training Center offers the Eligible Career Pathway Program that provides the resources you need to work towards earning your High School Diploma Equivalency in Texas all while taking classes in one of our healthcare training programs. Working Towards Earning Your […]

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Mar 16 2022
Pondering female secretary picking folder in workplace

Why You Should Enroll in a Medical Office Assistant Program

All medical professionals are essential. Medical office assistants are steadfast organizers that keep healthcare facilities running. Here’s why you should consider completing a Medical Office Assistant program: PCI’s Medical Office Assistant Program Saves Time Did you know that you earn the skills needed to start your career in as little as six months? PCI’s Medical […]

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