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Mar 16 2022
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Why You Should Enroll in a Medical Office Assistant Program

All medical professionals are essential. Medical office assistants are steadfast organizers that keep healthcare facilities running. Here’s why you should consider completing a Medical Office Assistant program: PCI’s Medical Office Assistant Program Saves Time Did you know that you earn the skills needed to start your career in as little as six months? PCI’s Medical […]

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Mar 15 2022
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7 Reasons To Get A Medical Assisting Diploma

7 Reasons to Get a Medical Assisting Diploma Interested in earning a medical assisting diploma? There are many different reasons to get your medical assisting diploma and become a medical assistant. Medical assisting is becoming increasingly popular with students entering the medical career field each year and is highly rewarding. Medical Assistant is a great […]

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Mar 14 2022
female dentists treating patients teeth

Preparing Kids For Dental Procedures

Preparing Kids for a Dental Procedure: A Dental Assistant’s Guide The dental office can be a scary place for a kid. The noises, the prodding of teeth, and the dentist’s drill are all things that a kid waiting in the dental office will be wary of and the reason they are reluctant to be examined. […]

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Mar 10 2022
6 medical students in blue scrubs examining the doctor's charts

What Is An EKG

What is an EKG: A Medical Assisting Guide What is the reason that made you interested in becoming a medical assistant? Do you enjoy learning about technology such as electrocardiograms (EKG)? The EKG is one the most common tests performed to identify heart conditions. Testing for heart and blood vessel disorders with an EKG is […]

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Mar 09 2022
female dentists treating patients teeth

Prepare For Dental Assistant Interview

8 Questions to Prepare You for a Dental Assisting Interview Ready to become a dental assistant? Have you graduated from a vocational school’s dental assisting program? If you are ready to interview for a dental assisting position, here are 9 questions you will want to prepare for before meeting with the dentist or hiring manager. […]

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