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Feb 23 2022
Young medical assistant talking by telephone while working in office

How Long To Become A Certified Medical Assistant

Want a job that is gratifying and challenging? Did you know that it takes as little as nine months to become a medical assistant? You can get educated and certified in under a year and start earning as an entry-level medical assistant. So, are you asking yourself, “What does a medical assistant do?” What Does […]

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Feb 16 2022
student learning detanl assisting tool

For Your Consideration: Healthcare Training Program Benefits

Completing a healthcare training program not only impacts the lives of students, but also the patients that they will serve throughout their career. Dental Assistants (literally) put a smile on a patient’s face. Medical Assistants are the comforting presence scared patients need. Medical work saves lives. Considering enrolling in a healthcare program? Here’s what you […]

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Feb 11 2022
medical professionals in a meeting

Medical Office Assistant Skills to Put on Your Resume

Wondering what Medical Office Assistant skills will stand out on your resume? You’re not alone. HR managers seek out well-trained professionals for Medical Office Assistant jobs. Listing your skills on your resume lets hiring managers know why they should hire you. Important Skills for Medical Office Assistants Medical Office Assistants are jacks-of-all-trades. They have administrative […]

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Sep 28 2021
Female Dental Assistant Smiling with a dental tool in a Dental Office

What Does a Dental Assistant Do

The field of dentistry has blown wide open in the past decades. Not only has the arena of cosmetic dentistry added new patients to the patient rosters, the medical field now recognizes that a dental health is an integral part of holistic health and government assisted insurance programs are helping to make it more affordable […]

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Sep 28 2021
Female dental assistant communicating with a dentist

Communication Skills for Dental Assistants

Communication skills are critical in any aspect of health care. In the course a day, a dental assistant might need to communicate effectively with dentists, dental hygienists, other dental assistants, patients, family members, insurance company workers, sales representatives or other dental offices. Ineffective communication increases the risk of misunderstandings and the potential for poor patient […]

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